Looking for a top end private dining room in any major financial centre in the world? Perhaps for an analyst’s presentation, a roadshow or a client meeting? Having spent 25 years in the global financial arena, I know what it is like. “We need a private room for a dozen people tomorrow, for an IPO presentation, but where do we go?” This free site aims to provide the answers to this regularly posed question. It covers cities in the Americas, EMEA, Central Asia, the Far East and the Antipodes. Whether you are conducting business in frontier markets, global emerging markets or the developed markets, I believe that this site will be of use to you.

EX Director JP Morgan.

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Global Financial Rooms provides un-surpassed security services, be it personal or corporate or technical surveillance counter measures (debugging) to close protection.

GFR’s own in-house team has years of experience from around the world; which allows us to assist and advise on your security needs. You will deal directly with our key staff that have extensive experience and training, but have also spent many years working for high-profile private clients including foreign governments, celebrities and multinational organizations.

The complete GFR team consists of former Special Forces and police personnel with advanced training and expertise to deliver any level of security and ensure your travel, home or organization is fully protected.

We have unprecedented contacts around the globe with secret services, security forces and diplomatic networks to ensure that your security requirements are always informed by expert advice.

GFR Global Security Team.

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